Hello!  I’m Andrea, but you can call me Andy.  I’m a 30-something stay at home mom living in Columbus, Ohio.  In the past three years I’ve gone from infertile BigLaw litigator, to IVF veteran, to working twin mommy, to stay at home mom of three under three.   I have opinions and lots of them.  I am currently learning as I go about how to be a better mom, wife, sister and citizen of this world.


My lovely husband does not share my love for “putting it all out there” and so shall remain cloaked in anonymity.  We will call him Dr. H, as he is a doctor and don’t you dare call a Dr. a Mr.  He is a wonderful man and attentive father and a much better person than I am.

Here is my oldest son (by about 90 seconds) David (or “D”).  He likes cars, trains, mommy and whatever toy his sister is playing with.


Here is my girl, Addison (or A)  She’s a spunky little lady with lots of sass.


And finally, my son Andrew (yes, I named a son after me) or “Little A”  He was born in May 2016 and is (knock on all things wooden) a miraculously easy baby.