First Day of Preschool!!


I’m trying not to over-blog about my adorable kids, but today was a milestone that needed to be noted.


D & A are enrolled in a MWF program for 2 year olds. We’ve been talking and thinking about preschool for months.  Indeed, the buildup of today in my overtired head could not have been greater.  My plans and goals for those 3 hours were legion.  Shopping, cleaning, self-care…you name it, I was going to accomplish it.

Here is what I did instead:

  • Loitered in the hallway for 15-20 minutes until one of the administrators assured me that both kids were happy.
  • Cried in the Starbucks drive thru and ate some feelings (blueberry scone – YUM)
  • Facebook.
  • Ordered some stuff on Amazon.
  • Facebook.
  • Fed Little A in my GLIDER and didn’t have to read a story or break up any fights while nursing.
  • Went to the post-office and didn’t hate it.
  • Arrived at preschool 15 minutes early, just because I didn’t want to be the last mom for drop-off (on the first day)

The kids got a great report card.  D needs to learn how to share…which I already knew.  A wants to go back immediately.  Little A was happy to have a nap in his own bed without interruption.  I’m still trying not to feel guilty about being a SAHM with childcare, but today was a great first day!

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